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Box Making Machine

We’re a professional manufacture of cardboard splicing machine in China. It adopts the way of splicing three cardboard to assemble a box.
  • Rigid Box Making Machine
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    Rigid Box Making Machine

    Rigid box making machine SLC-420D/SLC-520D Equipment Introduction : Full automatic rigid box making machine is a necessary equipment for making rigid box ,gift box ,packing box,cell phon e box & etc.With advantages of small size,easy operation,fast speed.This machine can...
  • Box Forming Machine
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    Box Forming Machine

    SLC-420Z box making machine with automatic mold adjusting is the newest machine , the advantage is only need to input the box outside dimension on the touch screen ,the bubble pressing plate and angle part will go on position by automatically,it also has the function of...
  • Manual Corner Pasting Machine
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    Manual Corner Pasting Machine

    KL-40 corner pasting machine is designed for positioning and pasting boxes corner by the high temperature heat-resistant adhesive tapes .
  • Hardcover Box Glue Spraying Machine
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    Hardcover Box Glue Spraying Machine

    SLZ-880 Hardcover Box Glue Spraying Machine ( book box assembling machine ) is mainly used for assembling some moon cake boxes ,tea boxes,wine boxes and other big boxes ..
  • Book Box Assembling Machine
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    Book Box Assembling Machine

    SLZ-380/680 is mainly used for assembling all kind of mobile phone boxes ,eye shadow box ,ring box and some high-end gift boxes .
  • Automatic Book Box Assembly Line
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    Automatic Book Box Assembly Line

    Usage: SL-650 Full automatic hardcover Spraying machine / book-shape rigid box assembly machine/Automatic hardcover box making machine is the necessary processing equipment for the medium and large enterprise which producing hardcover box, Luxury packaging manufactured....
  • Four Side Pasting Machine
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    Four Side Pasting Machine

    Paper side pasting machine is specialized in the application of hard case packaging for book case,wine boxes case and other products.
  • Automatic Corner Pasting Machine
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    Automatic Corner Pasting Machine

    Automatic Corner Pasting Machine SLT-70C Equipment introduction : The Full automatic Corner Pasting Machine adopts PLC programmable controller, touch screen man-machine interface, automatic function parameter setting and the fault display,improve the production efficiency....
  • Automatic Gluing Machine
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    Automatic Gluing Machine

    Auto feeder gluing machine is suitable for gluing the paper which is for making book cover, rigid box, set up box, etc.
  • Automatic Lining Machine
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    Automatic Lining Machine

    Application: Top 800 automatic lining machine is a brand new original equipment in a series of products which introduce from Italy Peroni company designed for laminating the cardboard liner, using a proprietary advanced technology significantly increase productivity while...
  • Automatic Cardboard Splicing Machine
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    Automatic Cardboard Splicing Machine

    20 years production experience / Stability; Power save; high speed. Automatic Cardboard Splicing Machine SL-350 Detail Feature: 1. This machine adopts the most advanced technology of three boards box making in China. it use microcomputer to control the bottom plate and sides...
Welcome to place orders for original designed box making machine with our professional manufacturers of box making machine,box maker,paper box making machine,paper box production line,Rigid box making machine in China. For customized orders, please inform our factory in advance.
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