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Magnet Machine

Magnet supplying machines are introduced the latest technology from Italy Proni company to produced. Complete the magnet installation process fully automatic. Applicable to book-shaped box, folders, gift boxes, calendar ,etc
  • Automatic Magnet Inserting Machine
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    Automatic Magnet Inserting Machine

    This machine have function of automatic cardboard feeding, automatic drilling,automatic glue dispensing,automatic magnet/iron inserting,etc
  • Semi-Auto Magnet Making Machine
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    Semi-Auto Magnet Making Machine

    Magnet supplying machine MAG-800 Description of goods: This machine is introduced the latest technology from Italy PRONI company to produced, using particular mechanism to completion of the milling holes, glue, magnet installation in the cardboard automatically. Effective...
  • Automatic Magnet Supplying Machine
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    Automatic Magnet Supplying Machine

    Product Brief: Automatic magnet machine is a brand new automatic equipment which develop independently combined with technology of products introduce from Italy Peroni company. Adopt servo control system for accurate positioning, accomplish hole milling, gluing, installing...
Welcome to place orders for original designed magnet machine with our professional manufacturers of magnet machine,Magnet supplying machine,Magnet making machine,Magnetic lid making machine,Semi-Auto magnet machine,Automatic magnet machine in China. For customized orders, please inform our factory in advance.
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