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The Differences Between Folding Cartons And Rigid Boxes (set-up Boxes)

Zhejiang Saili Machinery Co.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 27, 2018


What are the difference between folding cartons and rigid boxes ?

I get asked that a lot .

There are many differences as well as similarities between the two .

Often looking very similar,both folding cartons and rigid boxes are indeed boxes used for packaging and both are made of paperboard.Paperboard is basically thick paper that is sturdy enough to be used for packaging.The paperboard that is used for a rigid box can be as much as four times thicker than the paperboard used for folding carton and is often referred to as chipboard (although I've heard some manufacturers refer to all paperboard as "chipboard ".

Folding cartons can be collapsed to lay flat and then reassembled into box form again and again.A rigid box cannor be collapsed and must remain in box form from manufacture to enf user.

While folding cartons routinely have the printing process applied directly to the box itself ,rigid boxes generally have a separate wrapping of carious possible materials glues to the box instead .Material can include:leather,fabric,padding,fancy paper etc.

Benefits of Folding cartons:

  1. Folding cartons are shipped flat for lower transportation costs

  2. Generally much less expensive to produce

  3. Faster to produce

Benefits of Rigid Boxes:

  1. Often foes not require expensive dies as used in folding carton manufacturing

  2. Higher perceived product value by the consumer(expensive looking box=better quality product)

  3. Rigid boxes are stronger and more durable

  4. Rigid boxes usually do not require setup for product fulfillment

Both Types of Boxes:

  1. Can provide for high quality of printing

  2. Can dispaly beautiful embossing and foil stamping

  3. Can be made from susyainable,recycled materials

  4. Can have a structural design that is as simple or as complex and elaborate as desired


                        This is a typical of a folding carton:


folding carton.png

                      This is a typical example of a rigid box :

rigid box.png

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